A fireplace mantle design published in a magazine / Sept. 2015
Enveloping living room !

A little more detail related to this fireplace mantle design published in September 2015 in a magazine called ‘Les Idées de ma maison’. Valuing to be chosen to be presented in a magazine under the heading:

BEFORE/AFTER – 15 unusual changes / kitchen – bedroom – living and dining room

See the written text below (English version) to read more easily the detailed article just under.


BEFORE & AFTER –  fireplace mantle


A few more photos to have a better and in-depth capture the design.

Published text in the magazine ‘Les Idées de ma maison’;


  • Eliminate the occasional dust produced by using a wood burning fireplace, generate a more uniform heat in the space surrounding it
  • Modernize the look of the mantle: tiles and large shelves tend to crowd the fireplace
  • Relook the flooring which consisted of tile and a carpet insert

Designer Tips

  • When selecting materials for the fireplace, select a stone or ceramic to use in a vertical manner, which will make the room seem bigger. In addition, choose materials that resemble your decorating style as opposed to the more trendy ones, which you may find tiresome over time.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions and specs required for the fireplace you plan to install in order to adhere to the minimal distance required and ensure that the materials on and around the fireplace conform to fire hazard norms.
  • Select a fireplace according to the heat it will generate and the size of space to heat as well. Consult a qualified professional to install the fireplace; it’s always a safer solution.

The Ameliorations :

  • The wood fireplace was replaced by a gas burning one.
  • A fireplace base as well as Ledger stone were chosen, as noble and natural materials, giving elegance to the chimney and creating a focal point in the room
  • Custom-built wood storage units were placed each side of the chimney.
  • The former massive looking mantle shelf was replaced by a slimmer wooden one
  • Sconces were added to bring in more light to the room
  • A warmer looking and more modern hardwood flooring was installed

Lorraine Masse – Interior designer

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