For the last 20 years and more, I have been invested in bringing elegance and beauty
to your life by way of changing your interiors.

photo crédit; Lan Brunet / Salon L'Apparence

My creative approaches are mainly focused on high-end and eco-responsible designs. I optimize the creation of energetic, functional and trendy homes. Well-thought-out home and living space designs that prioritize the integration of eco-responsible products and materials.

Innovator while taking in the current trends, I carefully select the noblest materials, organic and renewable that honor the beauty and the aesthetics of design.

I use intuitively through my designs the philosophy of Feng shui, harmonizing the energies and integrating the elements of nature, so as to circulate the current of positive energy. This practice then results in a revitalization of the interior space.

In every interior decor I create, I gather the tools and ideas in order to optimise your living spaces, facilitate your day to day living with functional storage space, and beautify your home by creating style and originality, warmth yet simplicity with timeless elements.

Equipped with an eclectic sense of style, the task of adapting my design to your personal style is easy whether it be contemporary, modern, classic, traditional, rustic or other.

Whether it be for a an entire project, a new construction, major/minor renovations, a kitchen remodel, a space reorganisation or just simply for design and decorating ideas, I am readily available for your residential and commercial needs.

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Your partner for all your personal and professional design projects

– Lorraine Masse 
Interior designer                                                                                                                                                                            photo credit; Lan Brunet / Salon L’Apparence


My mission is to be an innovating interior designer by staying on top of the style trends in order to surpass my capacities in the delicate execution of all my artistic creations. I also seek to optimise each interior, both residential and commercial with a timeless and exclusive touch. To direct my creativity towards eco-responsible designs.

My vision is to offer my clientele a wide range of high quality professional services with the assistance of my privileged providers who share the same visions of high quality standards, of excellence in their realizations and trade mark image to inspire favorably my clients’ experience and day-to-day living.

The values which I endorse are dedication, innovation, demanding of quality in my designs, to remain sensitive to the artist within, perseverance in achieving my goals, to listen and respect the needs of my clients and my partners, flexibility and equality, integrity and honesty towards all.

Published in the magazine of Septembre 2015 ;
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Published in the magazine of Septembre 2015 ;
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Published and honored by Heartland ( 2017 catalogue) ;


Nominated ;

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Nominated by the Houzz community (award);
Best of Houzz 2016 – Design  &  Best of Houzz 2017


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LM Design recommended by Houzz &
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