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A contemporary style kitchen design and adjacent rooms.

Without any doubt, Madame Masse is a designer with an imagination and expertise that one must have in order to transform an environment into a WOW!
– Louis-Martin Levac

DESIGN CUISINE_contemporain_LM Design_2016_1200pix– Design of a laboratory-type contemporary kitchen. Creation of functional storage space. Setting the tone of ambiance and decor for the dining and living room. Designing a staircase ramp and furniture suggestions.

Incredible, but true! ! Just as I thought that my renovation project was impossible, Madame Masse accomplished a professional mission by creating a functional space which went beyond my expectations. Where space was an issue, she managed to create some. She also dressed up a space when the ambiance was missing. My lifeless personal space became a cherished and used place for family gatherings, thanks to her attentive understanding of our needs and budget.

She was skilled in assessing my needs and offered a quality driven professional service with a special touch that distinguishes her from others by going the extra mile. Without any doubt, Madame Masse is a designer with an imagination and expertise that one must have in order to transform an environment into a WOW!

A kitchen remodel for collectors of Burgenland tableware.

We are very grateful for the expertise of Mrs. Lorraine Masse. Her maintained supervision of the work along with the desire for perfection largely contributed to the remarkable success of our project.
– Sarah and Mathieu

Cuisine_classique_LM-Design-interieur_Collectioneur-vaisselles– Designing a Southern French style kitchen with elegance and brightness. The creation of showcase units for collectors of Burgenland tableware. A collector’s kitchen remodel.

A major renovation of our kitchen was a must. This project consisted of moving a wall and creating new cabinets, a new flooring and island. The project was also reassessing and changing certain electrical and lighting aspects as well as cabinet spaces. We are very grateful of Mrs. Lorraine Masse’s (design).

She conceived the plans and estimates, and coordinated the project from the start with the cabinet maker, the electrician, the general contractor, etc…. Her maintained supervision as well as her desire for perfection were major contributors to the success of our project.

An entire interior remodel for a home in the Laurentians (ground floor, mezzanine, part of the basement).

We will not hesitate to consult Lorraine again for other renovation projects and we will recommend her to others.
– Yolande & Serge

– The rebirth of a home staging a new design and concept including a kitchen remodel, bathrooms and several custom built furniture pieces.

We worked with Lorraine for the renovation of our house. We appreciated that she took the time to listen to our needs for the plan conception as well as the choices of materials/colors that would enhance the natural light which the house already has.

The rooms which were affected were the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, the bedrooms, the mezzanine, the bathrooms, the hallway and the stairs. All of the rooms were designed with pure simplicity while maximizing the storage spaces. We are very satisfied with the results.

Published in the magazine of Septembre 2015 ;

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Kitchen design and space planning & Ambience of the adjacent dining room.

The results are extraordinary and worthy to be published in any decorating magazine!
– Denyse Marier & Gaétan A.

– Kitchen design | Testimonial

Deciding to remodel a kitchen is an important decision not only due to the monetary investment but also the major upheaval it causes in a house. Having worked with Lorraine Masse designer, several times in the past, I immediately thought of her not knowing she had the experience and the know-how of a kitchen remodel.

I had big expectations for my tiny dysfunctional kitchen that was seriously lacking storage space, not only for daily kitchen tools, but also for my China which was dispersed a bit everywhere in the house. I was thus expecting a miracle on Lorraine’s behalf to store everything in one spot and amazingly she delivered the goods!

Not only did she meet my expectations, she surpassed them as well. She found a way to maximize all of the space in the kitchen and dining room, as I had asked her using her skills and knowledge…..She knew every trick of the trade which we see in decor magazine !!! She worked hard to integrate the tools which were dear to me and she called upon a team of highly qualified professionals that gave life to her kitchen design ideas. Thank you Lorraine, I look forward to working with you again.

Published in the magazine of Septembre 2015 ;

idm_JPG 001-ID-325_LR_large  CUISINE-salle-a-diner-creation-LMdesign-interieur

Commercial Project – Homewood Suites Mont-Tremblant Hotels

I would highly recommend Lorraine for the realization of commercial projects. I was really satisfied of with her services. 
– Louis Demers – Laucandrique, homeowner’s management

– Space planning & design concepts in the public spaces of the hotel (Phase I)
– Testimonial 

Within the remodel of a hotel project, I called upon Lorraine for the remake of a dining room, the public bathrooms as well as a few hallways (Phase I).

I appreciated Lorraine’s design qualities who was able to step up to the plate with regards to the hoteling industry demands, as she was able to follow very directive measures. The choice of colors, materials and accessories were unanimously acclaimed by both clients and hotel personnel.

Lorraine was skilled in her choice of vendors for the execution of the tasks, in her communication of her expectations and on the follow up of the work in progress.

Textile designs in all the rooms of the family house & Ambiences colors and hues.

We quickly felt that a relationship of trust was established and her precious advice was used as we implanted her ideas.
– Françoise et Normand

HABILLAGE-de-fenetres-chambre-LMdesign-rideaux_2 – Window covering, accessories and coloration.

We recently retired and we built our home in the Laurentians in order to enjoy the tranquility and nature. We used Lorraine for all of the interior paint selections and for the window coverings. We were thrilled by Lorraine’s personalized approach and by her organizational skills. She took the time to understand our needs and our likes and made some choices based on these.

We quickly felt that a relationship of trust was established and her precious advice was used as we implanted her ideas. We took up all of her suggestions and Lorraine made of our home a happy place to return to whenever we come back from somewhere. It is without any hesitation that I would recommend Lorraine’s services as interior designer to anyone looking to changing or update their place where they feel proud to be in while beautifying the visual appeal.

Design of exclusive furniture, draperies and accessories | Colors & Hues | Dream house

Lorraine has been extremely helpful when we had to select the colors, drapes and furniture of our dream home.
– Lorraine S. & Robert L.

Salle-a-diner-LMdesign-interieur_6Residential designs & custom built furniture creation 

Consulting Lorraine Masse, designer when we took possession of our model house made us save time and energy. Lorraine has been extremely helpful when we had to select the colors, drapes and furniture of our dream home. She already started pre-shopping selection for us.

It’s very comforting and certainly less time consuming when we only have to choose between A, B or C instead of running around furniture stores and decoration shops. In addition, we loved her drawing of furniture for our living room and entrance, they are originals and exclusive.

She immediately took up our project and its’ challenges. She is very professional i.e. she listens to your needs and budget. Moreover, she is punctual, honest and pleasant. She will be there for you as she was for us to help us build our cocoon.

 Bedroom design & Custom furnitures design.

I will certainly deal with Lorraine for my next decor change project!!! 
– Denyse M. & Gaétan A.

CHAMBRE-des-maitres-MarierCreator of ambience for a master bedroom 

I met Lorraine a few years ago when she was working in a furniture/decoration boutique. I had really appreciated her advice and suggestions of articles to use for decorating at the time. So when I decided to revamp my bedroom decor, I called upon her once again. Lorraine is on the onset a pleasant person, full of energy and a pleasure to work with.

She knows how to listen to our needs, she has great ideas and she can rapidly put in place the setting which we are trying to achieve in a room based on: the curtains, the furniture, the colors, etc. In this latest decor project, I used her ‘researching’ and ‘shopping’ talent as well. She was able to seek out some original pieces while staying within the budget. She also designed a new set of furniture for our bedroom and her partnering vendors carpenters and well as upholstery professionals satisfied our expectations.

Design of exclusive furniture & Ambience deco of a secondary home.

The customized furniture design she created charmed us by their creative aspect, their design quality and their functionality. 
– Josée & Yvon B.

SALON-Meuble-integre-LMDesign-interireur  – Creator of traditional and rustic ambience. 

We really appreciated Lorraine for her creativity, her openness and easy listening skills throughout her mandate. The customized furniture she created charmed us as much by their creative aspects, their design quality and their functionality. They were perfectly suited for our needs and home style.

She added value to our home by using a judicious choice of colors, fabrics, textile matters and furniture by giving a touch of warmth, serenity and a welcoming atmosphere. Lorraine is a punctual business woman, organised who knows how to respond quickly to our requests.

She transformed our home into the cozy cocoon in which we relish to return to and to welcome friends and family, relax and rest. In respect with our personality, she transformed our dreams into reality.