A kitchen design published in a magazine | sept. 2015
A kitchen on the taste of the day! 

A little more detail related to this kitchen design published in September 2015 in a magazine called

‘Les Idées de ma maison’. Valuing to be chosen to be presented in a magazine under the heading:

BEFORE/AFTER  – 15 unusual changes / kitchen – bedroom – living and dining room

See the written text below (English version) to read more easily the detailed article just under. 


BEFORE & AFTER – kitchen design
Avant-Apres_Cuisine- petit-espace-1_LMDesign-interieur

A few more photos to have a better and in-depth capture the design.

Published text in the magazine ‘Les Idées de ma maison’;


  • Increase storage space
  • Create a workspace which is both functional and welcoming for visitors
  • Add more lighting
  • Add a ‘snack – bar’ seated space

Designer Tips

  • Take a moment to ask yourself the right questions before planning your kitchen remodel:
  • What are your storage needs and what is currently missing?
  • What sorts of improvements would you like to bring to this space?
  • Which materials are you going to select over others?
  • Does the space have sufficient lighting and electrical outlets?
  • Do plan on changing any of the faucets?
  • Which types of appliances would you like to have in the kitchen and does the space allow it?
  • Establish a budget with the unplanned expenses included as the costs of renovating a kitchen quickly explode.
  • Inquire if you can take a wall down or move it and if there is a bearing wall. If in doubt, ask for advice from an expert.
  • If you plan on adding lighting or new electrical appliances, check with a qualified electrician that the electrical panel can support it. If needed, have additional cables and outlets installed.

The Ameliorations

  • A clear quartz (nougat color) countertop and a more modern porcelain backsplash were installed
  • Large drawers with internal dividers as well as a larger more practical pantry were privileged for the new kitchen
  • Newer more modern looking doors replaced the cupboard doors, and a large ‘snack-bar’ was installed between the kitchen and the dining area, perfect for welcoming guests. Storage space was created on both sides of this counter module and new lighting was installed on the ceiling to brighten this snack-bar countertop.
  • The kitchen space was extended to a maximum in order to make it bigger and to bring in more light. The remodel was thought out with the intention of adding and maximizing the storage space.
  • The walls were repainted; the combination of the white-cream color and the charcoal-grey mesh in with the touch of bright color such as the lime green and the dark stained wood cupboard which intensify the entire decor.

Lorraine Masse – Designer d’intérieur

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